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28-Jan-2020 04:06

A hotel employee came out to tell us we shouldn’t be out there, but when he saw that we were not Chilean and heard us speaking English, he turned around without a word and walked back through the glass doors.

Chilean Spanish is the most difficult dialect to understand in all of South America.

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Anyway, I’m sure that this diet along with the high standard of living is causing the obesity levels to rise. Safety is not to be underestimated—Brazil is fun but there is always fear eating into your enjoyment. Every country in Latin America tries to separate itself from the rest.What you’ll see in Santiago is large numbers of meztisos dressed like skater girls.Chilean girls have it difficult because they have Brazil and Argentina as neighbours: home to some hottest girls in the world.Stay in Bella Vista as this area will have the most hostel options, best nightlife and the most gringo-friendly girls.

Once you get a grip of the city you can venture into the more expensive Las Condes/Vitacura areas.

I strongly recommend using Latin American Cupid in Chile because, in contrast to countries like the DR and Colombia, you will meet more genuine girls and fewer gold diggers and players.