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The domination may be verbal, involving humiliating tasks and servitude.The dominatrix profession originated as a specialization within brothels, before evolving into its own unique craft.To differentiate women who identify as a dominatrix but do not offer paid services, non-professional dominants are occasionally referred to as a "lifestyle" dominatrix or mistress.It should be noted that the term "lifestyle" to signify BDSM is a contentious topic in the BDSM community and that many true dominatrices view it as unprofessional.This loss may have come in the form of abuse, sexual or nonsexual, or in the context of feeling powerless or “without a voice” in the family.In some cases, an abusive parent may have inspired a budding dominatrix to fear relinquishing control.I’ll admit that while I’ve seen my share of cuckoldresses and hot wives over the years, I’ve only treated a handful of dominatrices.

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Women were to contribute to this process by voluntarily subordinating to men.While it is most common to think of the dominatrix as a woman wielding power over men, many do have female submissives.Also contrary to popular belief, the dominatrix doesn’t always inflict physical pain on the submissive.Some professional dominatrices are, however, also "lifestyle" dominatrices.

That is, in addition to paid sessions with submissive clients they engage in unpaid recreational sessions or may incorporate power exchange within their own private lives and relationships.

I became particularly interested in this subject matter after having noticed an increase in the number of couples entering my clinical practice to work out the kinks (no pun intended) of their female-dominant/male-submissive relationships.

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