Adult furry dating sim

11-Oct-2019 01:28

Currently at an early stage, with only dragon forms. Note that the game is hosted on Fur Affinity, and you need to create an account to see adult content. Discover what has happened to your sibling, and probably get very distracted along the way.

My own contribution to the genre, in an early stage of development.

Explore the different communities in the world of Nimin. Some of the women began developing a second and third set of breasts." Currently at an alpha stage of development.

Cat, Horse, Lizard, Wolf, and Human player characters. Transformations are more optional than some of the other games here. Has horse, rabbit, wolf, eagle, goat, and rat forms.

Includes a vast array of furry species and transformations.

Javascript based in-browser play, or download the "glorb" file play in an IF interpreted of your choice (eg. Flexible Survival is also a multiplayer game, and a book.

Pornarium includes images to go along with the text, and a feature-rich combat system. To find the latest version or if the link dies start at Redraster's user page. In another time, in another place, explore the curious city of Naryin. To find the latest version or if the link dies start at Syanus's user page.

Do they remain pure, or succumb to the corrupting influcences that alter the character?

Not actually a furry game, but interesting as for early body type modification modelling. There are games with transformation into anthros, animals, and mythical creatures.