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Newman Graduate Research Award Rose Mary Webb, Vanderbilt University Thelma Hunt Research Awards Jessica Snowden, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and Matthew J. Michelle Peruche, Florida State University; Second place: Geoffrey Anton Lee, University of Florida; Third place: Jennifer A.Zagumny, Tennessee Technical University Regional Faculty Adviser Awards Susan E. Sleigh, Ph D, and Jeffrey Smith, Ph D National Convention Research Awards Amanda Angie, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Breanna N. Seegers, Liberty University Erlbaum Awards Ivan Kane Ash, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Rebecca Jeanne Lamberth, Rutgers University New Brunswick Denmark National Faculty Adviser Award Paul Finn, Ph D DIV.Hinrichsen, Ph D Section III (Society for a Scientific Clinical Psychology) Distinguished Scientist Award Steven Hollon, Ph D Section III (Society for a Scientific Clinical Psychology) Dissemination Award Russell Barkley, MD Section VI (Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minorities) MENTOR Award A. Taylor Outstanding Student Research Award Karren D. Campbell, Ph D; Honorable mentions: Osmi Jimenez-Galvan, Psy D, and Jorielle Brown, Ph D DIV. O'Brien, Ph D John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career and Personality Research Nadya A. Black Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Practice of Counseling Psychology Sandra L. Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field Deborah Boehm-Davis, Ph D DIV. 25 (BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS) Outstanding Basic Research Award Joseph Brady, Ph D Outstanding Applied Research Award Brian Iwata, Ph D Don F.13 (SOCIETY OF CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGY) Harry and Miriam Levinson Award John Deleray, Ph D RHR International Award for Excellence in Consultation Richard C. Shullman, Ph D Dorothy Booz Black Award for Outstanding Achievement in Counseling Health Psychology Elizabeth M. Super Fellowship Christa Schmidt, University of Missouri-Kansas City Barbara A. Swagler, University at Albany of the State University of New York DIV. 24 (THEORETICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL) Distinguished Contributions to Theoretical Psychology Award Rachel Hare-Mustin, Ph D Sigmund Koch Award for Early Career Contributions to Psychology John C. Kelly, State University of West Georgia, and Sarah L. Hake Basic/Applied Research Award William Mc Ilvane, Ph D Fred S.Robins, Ph D Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contribution to Psychology (Perception/Motor Performance) Daniel J. Budd, Ph D Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent or Institutional Practice in the Private Sector Philip G.Simons, Ph D APA BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research Theodore Milton, Ph D, DSc, and Stanley Sue, Ph D Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Practice in the Public Sector Lt. Levendusky, Ph D APA/APAGS Distinguished Graduate Student Award in Professional Psychology Nnamdi Pole, Ph D APA BOARD FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Senior Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest Claude M.Gile, Castleton State College, and Kimberley Monden, Avila University Allyn and Bacon Research Awards First place: Melinda L. 1 (SOCIETY FOR GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY) William James Book Award Daniel Schachter, Ph D Ernest R. Thorndike Award for Distinguished Career Contributions Robert J. Snow Award for Distinguished Early Career Contributions Elena L.Box, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Second place: Lindsey M. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award Janet Taylor Spence, Ph D George A. 3 (EXPERIMENTAL) Young Investigator Award, Lester C. 5 (EVALUATION, MEASUREMENT AND STATISTICS) Distinguished Dissertation Award Sarah Mc Connell Hartz, Ph D Samuel J. Stanley Hall Medal for Distinguished Contribution to Developmental Psychology Michael Rutter, Ph D The Eleanor Maccoby Book Award in Developmental Psychology Steven Pinker, Ph D The Urie Bronfenbrenner Award for Lifetime Contribution to Developmental Psychology in the Service of Science and Society Lewis Lipsitt, Ph D Mentor Awards in Developmental Psychology Ed Zigler, Ph D, and Ellen Markman, Ph D Boyd Mc Candless Young Scientist Award Seth Pollak, Ph D DIV. 12 (SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY) Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Clinical Psychology Awards Lyn Abramson, Ph D, and Lauren B. Grigorenko, Ph D Outstanding Dissertation Award Allison Bryant, Ph D DIV. Gresham, Ph D Jack Bardon Award for Distinguished Service Mark R. Wigdor, National Research Council Appreciation Award Henry L. 20 (ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING) Distinguished Research Achievement Margie Lachman, Ph D Retirement Research Foundation M.

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35 (SOCIETY FOR THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN) Psychotherapy with Women Award Dana Becker, Ph D Geis Memorial Dissertation Award Stacey L. Bier Award Nils Holm, Ph D Margaret Gorman Early Career Award Julie J. Hill, Ph D Virginia Sexton Mentoring Award Everett L. 37 (CHILD, YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES) Child Advocacy Award Thomas Birch, JD Nicholas Hobbs Award Gail S. 38 (HEALTH) Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology Barbara Andersen, Ph D, C.

42 (PSYCHOLOGISTS IN INDEPENDENT PRACTICE) Distinguished Public Service Award Henry Saeman and The National Psychologist Lifetime Achievement Award Arthur L. 43 (FAMILY) Family Psychologist of the Year Anne Kazak, Ph D Carolyn Attneave Diversity Award Guillermo Bernal, Ph D Distinguished Service to Family Psychology Roberta Nutt, Ph D Distinguished Service Award Michael Gottlieb, Ph D Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology Alan Gurman, Ph D Randy Gerson Award Krista Gattis, Ph D Florence W.

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