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I also heard many Malay Muslim women only wear the hijab occasionally and then sometimes take it off, is this true or is hijab born by them all the time? Also, when it comes to those opposed to Sharia, are there many Muslims in that group or is it compromised by the non-Muslims residents of Brunei?In some workplaces and in most schools and all universities, it is compulsory for all women and girls to wear 'hijab'. And I'm not even sure that was a Bruneian woman. The 'niqab' is a hallmark of Wahabi ultra-conservative Muslims, and Bruneians are not Wahabi. I'm not sure about the opposition towards the imposition of sharia law in Brunei though, especially the attitudes of the local Muslims. Knowing Bruneian society, I would expect any strong attitudes whether for or against it to have whittled away over time.And the younger generation are more liberal than their parents.I am not sure if there is any tendency for the youngest generation in becoming more conservative, I don't think so, though.Whether it’s love or lust you’re after, making use of a Tinder dating site is an easy, fun, and enjoyable way to meet eligible singles in your area.Are you ready to embark on a whirlwind of a rollercoaster?

It's his country, he can do what he wants, I'll just focus on my work etc."It is important to note that government policies and the realities of the population are completely different things.

Are there significant differences between teh attitudes of older and yougner generations when it comes to these topics?

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