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This plays as oddly as it sounds and it would feel chauvinist and exploitative (breasts are liberally bared) if not directed by a woman otherwise most known for a feminist film (Gas Food Lodging, also starring Skye).

You can call this titillative, but few would call it good. From Alexandre Rockwell, the unknown maker of five of Steve Buscemi's most obscure movies, The Wrong Man brings Ted (a role actually written for Buscemi) to Room 404.

“I had intended to resume the story in September 1535 and carry it through to Thomas Cromwell’s death in the summer of 1540, and to cover this in ,” Mantel states.

“As I wrote the weeks leading up to the fall of the Boleyns, I became aware of the ferocious power of the story, and its layers, its complexity.

Once just one of fifty employees, Sam (Marc Lawrence) is now the hotel's only staff member and after fifty years of service, he hands his bellhop hat over to Ted (Tim Roth, in his third and, to date, final performance for Tarantino).

I felt that the narrative of Anne’s fall, though so often rehearsed, still held its mysteries and that they were worth exploring; they compelled attention.” Mantel describes (Fourth Estate, 2009), Mantel’s absorbing narration reveals a man who is unexpectedly appealing, cultured, humorous.It's New Year's Eve at the Hotel Mon Signor, one of Hollywood's hottest haunts in the 1930s through early 1950s.Times have changed, though, and the hotel is now a mere shadow of its past glory.(Fourth Estate, 2012) is Hilary Mantel’s second novel in what will now be a trilogy on Thomas Cromwell’s life.

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What prompted her decision to focus on the historically controversial event of Anne Boleyn’s fall, rather than continuing to the climax of Cromwell’s career?

In the light of this, it’s hard to see her as other than wicked or unstable.” That said, the scholar Julia Fox (, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2007) exonerates her and gives a different reading of events.