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In 2010, the young woman fundraised for people with multiple sclerosis; later on, she protected the rights of farm rabbits and stood for same-sex marriage legalization.

In 2017, the woman appeared in the music video “Disarm” by Bry.

Perhaps, the young people fell in love at the movie set.

At the end of 2016, the actors announced they split up and remained friends.

However, bitter pills did not upset Evanna – she was going to miss a new Harry Potter book release.

Evanna Patricia Lynch was born at the end of summer 1991 in a picturesque Irish village in County Louth, Ireland, famous for its agriculture and tourist attractions.The girl’s parents had nothing to do with art; the father worked as a teacher in a Catholic church for girls. The would-be celebrity was an ordinary Irish girl and dreamed of fame and romances.She desperately wanted to be as perfect as TV models; the girl was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of eleven and hospitalized.Later, Lynch learned that the producers David Heyman and David Barron agreed to work with a non-professional who would be unpredictable and natural: it was necessary to be Luna, not play her. Later, the artist confessed the weird girl was close to her: Luna was self-sufficient and did not seek recognition or approval of her actions.

She behaved the way her heart told her; it was the true wisdom, and no eccentric features could spoil it.In 2007, the audience saw the blonde character (Evanna had her hair dyed) and fell in love with her.