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27-Oct-2019 16:59

Since her parents were religious and conservative, Aspen expected the worst once she told them about her decision.

However, the exact opposite happened – her parents welcomed her decision, and fully supported her interests.

She still weighs her foods, eating six meals per day.

However, she will have a little more flexibility in the off-season; meaning a cheat meal or two is allowed occasionally. She achieved everything she dreamed of as a teenager, and still keeps on going; pursuing even bigger goals.

Nowadays, she enjoys a massive recognition from her fans, as well as support from her friends and family in her everyday endeavors.

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Making a decision to get involved in the adult industry can be uneasy, to say at least – especially when taking opinions from friends and family in consideration. She decided to go after he dreams, no matter what the response from people around her would be.

She explained; “always been an athlete” through high school and college stories.

I was long distance cross country runner, competed in a marathon, and in high school and college, was on the swim team – butterfly was my stroke.”.

Aspen Rae is an adult model, figure competitor, and an internet personality from San Jose, California.

She began her fitness journey in college, having previously spent years running marathons.

– Aspen Rae Over the years, Aspen had achieved success in multiple areas of life.