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28-Sep-2019 01:26

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I’m sure that “Top Stories” probably garner Facebook more opportunities to learn about what is popular or what topics you are more likely to respond to…which can also lead to increased revenue for them.

It also gives them more control over your feed, as opposed to Most Recent, which simply dictates that the posts will be show in chronological order.

In case of page you can enable Page Plugin which will display page information below or above the feed. Choose from numerical pagination, Load More button, infinite scroll or no pagination.

In case of first two options you can define number of objects per page.

I thought I would return the favor with a tip that I use on the mobile app.

To get to the Most Recent view on the mobile app, I just searched “Most Recent” in the search bar at the top of the app.

When I tapped on the search bar again, the first entry in my recent searches was “most recent posts”, which is PERFECT.If you have a tip, be sure to share it and I’ll update the post! While creating feeds, you can either display a timeline with a specific type of data (image, video, status, and links) or choose only one type.Hope that helps your readers, keep the tips coming.–Wesley…and sure enough, Wesley is correct.

I opened my Facebook app on Android and typed “most recent” and the menu auto-populated the most recent posts option.

In the meantime, using a bookmark and accessing the desktop version of Facebook through that bookmark will always show you Most Recent if it has the ? Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a great way to switch the Android or i OS Facebook mobile apps over to Most Recent, but for those of you on Android, if you click the menu icon, you can always select “Most Recent” from your list of available feeds.

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