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The attraction was a job that required physical labor, being out-of-doors often and of course, beautiful horses. I found work on a small private estate first in Rhode Island and a few years later, in New Jersey and stayed well out of the limelight of traditional workforce until age 28.

It took me a while to find the courage to separate from my childhood routines. Intimidation in Work Environments The first time a manager said a male co-worker was afraid of me I was completely surprised.

They value inner wisdom gained by social interactions.

However, sooner rather than later, feelings as being the driver in decision-making are recognized and not allowed to rule, especially when it comes to finance, education and employment.

My MBTI personality type assessment outcome is routinely INTJ or ISTJ.

Every test is slightly different, and of course, I am different on the day it is taken.

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INTJ-ISTJ Characteristic – Intimidating Early Focus on Independence I figured out as a teenager, that office work environments are complex.Some men are confused by the signals being given out. Again, working on a private horse farm, I had to be capable of managing a horse on my own.