Chemoheterotroph dating

02-Sep-2020 05:30

Photoheterotrophs: use light as an energy source and organic compounds as a carbon source.

Chemoautotrophs: use inorganic chemicals as an energy source and carbon dioxide as a carbon source.

Each of these words is made up of three separate words: photo/chemo, auto/hetero, trophic.

For bacteria, we often classify their metabolism based on how they obtain the two things all organisms need to live: energy and chemical building blocks.

AUTOtrophs collect these building blocks from non-organic materials such as rock, air, water, etc.

As an example, plants make sugar out of carbon dioxide, which is a non-organic form of carbon. HETEROtrophs obtain their carbon from previously-made organic compounds, like sugars and proteins and fats.

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This bacterium has been found to be a problem with people's breast implants..get infected around the implant because the implant is full of liquid sugar, which these bacteria love!Autotrophs soak up light and don't use metabolism, whereas heterotrophs obtain their food. The bacteria that are most dangerous are parasitic bacteria which eat food taken in by the host organism which in some cases is a human.

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