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06-Aug-2020 13:50

then he can hardly speak, so he binds this thing from manifesting in Jesus name.It throws him off the chair, convulses his body, he commands it to get off him, it does.I also prayed about an ex of mine, who i hadn’t slept with, but wanted to in my heart, and still had some kind of attachment to him.. This demon wants him back, keeps tormenting him, trying to make him give in, but he’s continually fillin up on the Word and it’s empowering him, he’s even encouraging me with so many scriptures. If anyone out there struggles with this I am telling you go to the It is amazing and it will set u free if you do the freedom journey things. It was spot on because turns out he’d been havin that desire growing towards one of his female friends who i had told him repeatedly to stay away from (and he sneakily met up with her a few times) for coffee etc.So anyway, he just confesses like EVERYTHIN one night, i’m so broken i can’t believe it, God tells me i can choose to forgive or not, he is begging me to not leave, when i mentioned that i was considering it he starts hyperventilating (mini panic attack) tells me he’ll do whatever it takes to keep me.we pray specifically that God’ll expose whatever other spirit it is or is there, then he falls asleep n has a dream, God tells him to bind the spirit of sexual he does (awake in bed) and the spirit chucks a fit and tries to drag him off his bed by his feet, PHYSICALLY.

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He got me pregnant when we were on our late honeymoon. But he actually DID rape me a few times, it really hurt too, cos he always wanted so much sex and my bits couldn’t cope with the demand. Anyway he got me pregnant while we were on our late honeymoon.

Assad, now married, moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue Christian music full time.