Christian dating in ghana

28-Sep-2020 07:02

Most Ghanaians lived in communal housing where the families or individuals rented rooms in houses and therefore a married man doing such work would attract mockery from neighbours.

Also, the wife would be viewed as lazy and may even be reported to the man’s relatives as not fit for the man.

Therefore as a man, your children do not belong to your abusua, neither does one’s spouse.

The very act of marriage itself is based on some consultations and approval from the two extended families.

For example, high levels of illiteracy resulting in women not knowing their rights, as well as lack of availability and affordability of legal experts in this field.

At this juncture we must understand how family systems work particularly among “Christians” in Ghana.

Unlike elsewhere, in Ghana one’s family or abusua, refers to the person’s siblings, parents, cousins and other relatives or simply put the extended family.

This included cooking, washing his clothees, ironing, fetching water for him to bath, serving him his food, removing the plates once done, as well as providing soap and water with towels for him to wash his hands once he finished eating.

It was even considered very strange for a married man to enter a kitchen and fix something to eat by himself while the wife and children were available.

We must also acknowledge that our forefathers lived in a subsistence agricultural economy, where economic successes depended on brute strength and how many family members the man could commandeer to assist in the manual farm work to produce results and a bumper harvest.

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