Consolidating private loans sallie mae radiometric dating of the oldest rocks on earth

02-Oct-2019 05:07

First, they lowered his interest rate from almost 15% to 3%.

Second, to address the large outstanding balance issue, we agreed that if Fred made 6 monthly payments at the new low rate, his back due amount would be set to zero and they would inform all the major credit bureaus that Fred was current.

If you are like me, you’ve had some disappointing phone calls with your private loan lender when you tried to get some assistance making your payment.

Fortunately, if you know exactly who to talk to and exactly what to ask for, you can get Sallie Mae (and other private lenders) to lower your monthly payments and your interest rate.

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The minimum monthly pay is fifty dollars, over a period of fifteen years.ñ graduated repayment plan: this plan allows for students to make payments that can be reduced or be interest only for a period of four years.I explained that there was no way for Fred to make this payment anytime soon.

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