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The Bend Bulletin, Wednesday, June 10, 1959 5 FINAL STOCKS Leniency ruling Wafermasfer Perry's budget for 1959-60 is clarified Briefs-- - Here and There program, on "Colorful Characters chutes county tax monies. $:o is contributed by the Central Oregon Irrigation District and ,734,311 by Jctfcrson, Crook and Klamath counties. member of the Redmond Union High School Board of Directors, whose resignation a few weeks ago was tabled in the hope he would maintain his residence here, requested definite acceptance at the regular meeting this week.

Baldwin broke the probation tonus by leaving Deschutes county without permission, it was pointed out. 8 to 12 pm FREE PRIZES sources other than Deschutes county taxes; those for the earlier two years do not. In addition to his 00 salary as watcrmaster this past year, Perry also received a month as civil defense director until sev-I oral months ago, when William C. with James as full-time director, at a salary of 00. fense director about three years, and was paid the monthly stipend "eight or ten months," as he recalls.

Also in the booth are special displays, including rock collections and paintings. Sizes S-M-L u try this: 00 t() 98 Don't, please, boil your potatoes In water, then throw all the potato goodness down the sink.