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You can do that using the , specifies the name of our new directory in the repository; here we’ve just used the same name as the directory we are in.The last two arguments specify the vendor tag and the release tag respectively. You’ve just pulled your “colors” project into the CVS repository.So I invite you to come along with me on an exciting journey and spend the next ten minutes of your life learning about a piece of software nobody has used in the last decade.() Instructions for installing CVS can be found on the project’s homepage. Since CVS is centralized, it distinguishes between the client-side universe and the server-side universe in a way that something like Git does not.The CVS backend, the central store for all your code, is called the repository.Whereas in Git you would typically have a repository for every project, in CVS the repository holds all of your projects. Let’s say that you’ve decided to keep a list of your favorite colors.You might have a file at version 1.2 and a file at version 1.14 in the same project.Let’s go ahead and make a change to version 1.1 of our $ cvs diff cvs diff: Diffing .

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If someone else is already editing a file you need to edit, you have to wait.

Though today younger developers might have a hard time conceiving of a world where the term “version control software” didn’t more or less just mean Git, such a world existed not so long ago. Open source developers preferred Subversion, enterprises and video game companies used Perforce (some still do), while the Linux kernel project famously relied on a version control system called Bit Keeper.

Some of these systems, particularly Bit Keeper, might feel familiar to a young Git user transported back in time. Bit Keeper aside, the version control systems that came before Git worked according to a fundamentally different paradigm.

(Brian Berliner, an engineer who later took over the CVS project, wrote a very readable paper about CVS’ innovations in 1990.) In that sense, CVS wasn’t all that different from Git, which also works according to an optimistic model. In fact, when Linus Torvalds was developing Git, one of his guiding principles was WWCVSND, or “What Would CVS Not Do.” Whenever he was in doubt about a decision, he strove to choose the option that had not been chosen in the design of CVS.

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So even though CVS predates Git by over a decade, it influenced Git as a kind of negative template. I think there’s no better way to understand why Git’s distributed nature is such an improvement on what came before.

Now you’d like to put your favorite color list under version control, because fifty years from now it will be interesting to look back and see how your tastes changed through time.