Dating an illegal alien

30-Mar-2020 21:33

Although the order appears to focus on “crimes,” mere criminal charges or suspicions by immigration officers are sufficient to put someone at the top of the priority list.

This list also sweeps in anyone who has used a fake green card or Social Security Number.

That’s because my dad, who worked as a laborer in our village near Guadalajara until he retired, has green eyes. And my mom, who used to own a restaurant, I guess she’s .

My wife is illegal too, and we have been living in Austin for thirteen years.

There were some rumors a couple weeks ago about Immigration being in stores watching people, like at the H-E-B near our house.

So for those days, it was me going to the grocery store because I was scared that something would happen to her.

That first time I used one of my nephews’ birth certificates to get across.

She thinks I’m okay here because I look white, but she gets scared that she might get sent back.

She’s got darker skin and her English is not as good and she’s afraid the is going to catch her.

I am married to another undocumented person, and we have two daughters, born in the United States. She doesn’t like us, and keeps threatening to call the immigration agents and have us deported. You are indeed at risk that your neighbor will contact U. immigration authorities (specifically, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE).

They do not have the resources to follow up on every tip they get. Unfortunately, the standards by which ICE might decide whether to act on or ignore your case are, under the Trump administration, less clear than they used to be. citizens (such as your daughters)—and sometimes decide not to initiate removal (deportation) proceedings against them. Even if ICE has already set court proceedings in motion, they can use Prosecutorial Discretion to close them; and in some cases even allow the person to obtain a work permit.I know those old people, ones who used to come to work here every year, for six months or seven months, and then go back.