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The most basic structure you can use has three short paragraphs.The first paragraph will talk about your work-the part of most people's life that takes the most time; the second paragraph will discuss what you do in your free time; and the third paragraph will talk about your personality: Self-Description-Type 1: I work as a tax attorney but I try not to talk about work too often. The work is actually less boring than it sounds and there are times I even catch myself wide awake in the office.We called upon e Harmony dating and relationship expert Melanie Schilling to explain the reason behind these findings.She says that men have genetically been known to look for an ‘ideal’ partner who is healthy and will care for their children, someone they can pass along their genes with, while women are drawn to men who will act as the provider and protector, to care for the family.The best advice is for men and women to be open and honest in their profiles.Whilst some interests may be seen as more “popular” than others, what really matters is genuine compatibility.I promise not to discuss work on a first date (unless, of course, you insist.)Fortunately, I'm not the kind of person who can call my work my hobby. I have a fifteen-foot boat that I take out on the sound most weekends.There's room -- and sail-work -- enough for two and the views of the town from the sea are fantastic.

After studying more than 100,000 Australian e Harmony member profiles, we found that personal growth, health and exercise, politics and travel are the top interests most likely to attract communication requests.How you describe yourself, the parts of your personality you choose to describe and the words and phrases you use to put yourself forward can either help you stand out from the online crowd or make you look like just another online hopeful.In this section, we'll help you produce a description that attracts singles, invites emails and gets your dating life rolling faster.When you meet someone, they meet the whole package at once; no one aspect of who you are dominates.

When someone sees your profile, they only see what you choose to put on it-and those few facts will paint completely their picture of you.

You only have a few hundred words to give potential dates a taste of who you are, and while that's very little space to sum up your entire personality, it does keep the whole thing mercifully short.