Dating divas sweet treats

29-Oct-2019 09:47

And see that handwriting font where it says “Happy Father’s Day”? As I was putting corn nuts in one can and caramel corn in another-I thought of another tag I needed to make! ” An ode to my own Father who is king of corny puns 🙂 We have so many great popcorn treats that would be perfect for this tag.

Try: Traditional Caramel Corn Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn Fruity Candy Popcorn Put the popcorn in a plastic bag first to keep it fresh and to avoid it taking on any flavor/odor left in your can.

) Now, for even more Halloween printables: #1) – Eat, drink, and be SCARY with this flirty Halloween game for two!

Now, you might find that a lot of the larger cans have writing and pictures on the tops (because apparently one needs graphics and descriptions to figure out how to open a tin can with a pull tab…) Pineapple cans are an especially nice size.

I grabbed some mini candy bars and when I moved onto the gourmet chocolate, he rolled his eyes and told me I was thinking like a girl.

For my Mother’s Day cans I used the small 7-8 ounce cans. In case you’re wondering, a bag of corn nuts fits perfectly in a normal soup-size can. You can also fit quite a bit fun-sized candy bars in there too.

I sure hope so because today I’m sharing one along with even more from some of my good friends.

Mine was inspired by a magnet my mom had given me when she was here visiting. You're almost done with the program Now before you look at these pictures, I made these for a customer so there are some things "missing" from the letters that I left up to the buyer to add!