Dating frat boys

19-Mar-2020 16:32

Fraternity brothers are no different than men in the world at large. My college sweetheart was a brother at Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), at an Ivy League school, to boot.

He came from money and all, but he wasn't spoiled or entitled. He loved being part of the Big Brother program, and continued to be involved with it long after he was out of college. He worked very hard, and although he enjoyed the fruits of his labor, he was not spoiled or entitled, either.

Anyway, my point is I have always avoided frat boys, even 20 years later.

My boyfriend never attended college but is a veteran, as is my ex boyfriend.

Also, there's a lot of borderline brain washing IMO that goes on in the military and I detest the very idea of following orders at all costs over thinking about what you are actually ordered to do and whether or not it is right or wrong. I've never met as many stuck up people in my life except for the well paid civilian Brits working in the UAE.

And I'm not deluded enough to think that guarding opium fields in Afghanistan is somehow "protecting my freedoms" domestically, all the while big brother is creepin on my facebook page. About 90% of the frat boys I met in college suffered from a major inferiority complex. Though, most join the USMC to be Marines and not for the money or future money for college. I'm going to tell you some and sharp college students in extra curricular activities...

" I first heard of it back from my college sweetheart, as that is a big part of SAE.

I've always liked it, and those are the characteristics I look for in men to this day.

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He genuinely wanted to serve the country and after being honorably discharged from the Marines, he became a very successful industrial designer. Millitary is associated with strength, might, honor, dignity, loyalty, protection, commitment Fraternity is associated with drinking, promiscuity, partying, being disloyal, pretentious, white-collar My SO is a Navy chief and an Iraq war veteran.

For my age group, I'd guess the rates of military enrollment were very low. I have tried dating military guys, and in every case, the personality differences were insurmountable. I have noticed I prefer men who served in the military versus guys who never served, went to college right away and were in fraternities.