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Christine and her boyfriend had a stormy relationship. Soon after Christine disappeared, Kathy Thornton began searching for answers.

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It was the spring of 1979 -- Rodney Alcala had been back in California for almost two years and 12-year-old Robin Samsoe was enjoying the Southern California beach life. Marianne Connelly: She was probably the most loving child a mother could have. On June 20, 1979, Robin was going to start her first day of work answering phones at a ballet studio in exchange for lessons. Bridget Wilvurt: And Robin had thrown her beach towel and everything into her bag, and she's like, "Well, I'm going to get going." And I go, "Well, take my bike and don't stop." That was the last time anyone saw Robin alive.There was the 12-year-old girl who disappeared while riding her bike to a ballet lesson.