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If you purchase a canvas you get a picture of myself and someone mixing [the blood] in to the color. Also just in case there were any production problems (hey catch this body im done with the electronics) only kidding! It is described as unique to the JEM but "kind of a Wizard neck at the nut but not at the 12th fret".

Also a picture of the room we did the guitars in too. In case of shipping problems they wanted to make sure that they had 300 to go out and one of the 300 was mine 001/300. JEM7RB Note - The Root Beer model has a of the blue floral pattern.

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Where Certain JEM10s Went: According to Hoshino USA distribution of certain JEM10s are as follows: Steve doesn't have JEM10TH #777. After that, Hoshino has no further info on which # went where. All of the people there are so nice it would be impossible to describe in words!

when the project first was put together there were many months between the namm showing and the first production that I did. About one month later I was contacted about production being on it's way from Japan.

Ibanez Japan thought that they would have a try at it over there . If you see the two models together you will notice a distinct color difference .

These have the All-Access Neck Joint & Evolution pickups.

Each FP imported is expected to have at least a Steve Vai signed cover/backplate. LNGs designated for the USA were all signed on the back of the body.It comes in several varieties: three body, three headstock and three rear-body floral patterns exist for 27 possible combos. This writeup here on is WRONG and the source of confusion. Well the fabric first came from a place in the USA that we tracked down from Steve's samples from his house.

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