Dating in bosnia

02-Feb-2020 21:56

Generally, turning to wife can be a little difficult, especially Bosnian Muslim girls. The country doesn’t get many tourists, so the locals tend to value their visitors.That you ever succeeded at this is enough reason to beat your chest like King-Kong. The local people can tell at a glance if you’re a foreigner to the country.Looking at the face of a typical Bosnian girl can make your brain leave your skull. Hard haired, gorgeous dark eyes, shapely slender body, long neck, bronze skin, and fashionable clothes… Close to half of Bosnia’s population is made up of Muslims.The country’s culture sees the women in a position where they are to be submissive to their male partners.

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While it’s unrealistic to talk about a perfect person for marriage, it’s only more practical to talk about the right person.

Bosnian girls reflect these qualities very clearly. While you are chillaxing (my coinage) on the sofa all day doing nothing, she could be juggling a lot - cooking, doing laundry, keeping the house in order, taking care of kids, etc. Right from childhood, she has been raised to regard the men in her home.

Most men feel very insecure about the likelihood of their wives’ infidelity.

Bosnian’s laidback attitude to life is a very pleasant quality that foreign men admire.

dating in bosnia-33

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No matter how bad the situation is, a Bosnian girl will still force a smile, because she’s hopeful and also cares enough not to make her sadness rub off on you.

Expect to be welcomed to the home of your Bosnian bride and be treated like a king.