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15-Apr-2020 19:50

This is especially true if the person with the disability remains angry and pushes others away instead of allowing them to assist and “be there” for him.Another more positive effect of a disability, especially one from illness or accident, is when it pulls a community together in support.Carolyn Scheidies has been writing professionally since 1994.

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Socializing with people with disabilities should be no different from any other socialization. That means they're doing okay, and nothing's wrong with them. Take a moment to consider why you are afraid of disability.

Walster and her colleagues found that the only important determinant of participants’ liking for their date was his or her physical attractiveness.

None of the other characteristics—even the perceived intelligence of the partner—mattered.

Those healing from an injury or illness, especially when it results in a lifetime impairment, deal with the emotional side of realizing they may never be able to swing a bat, run a race, walk or even dress themselves again.

Depression, anger and blame are all effects of a disability and vie for time and consideration.

Those with disabilities often feel they are no longer whole, that they are somehow “less than,” because they can no longer be what they once were or do what they once could.