Dating kabar knives

30-Jan-2020 03:56

Only color (of handle/scabbard) and the mode of pommel attachment can do that. S." and USN-marked knives were issued to sailors and the "U. I have been a member of the forum for several months now but have not taken the opportunity to tap into this knowledge.

Tim Pinned as opposed to peened if it were WWII vintage versus post-1962 manufactured? Also, I think I am correct is saying that the markings do not allow one to discriminate between pre- and post-1962 manufacture. S." and USMC-marked knives were issued to Marines and that non USN or USMC marked ones (those with 'oxblood' colored handles) were issued to WWII Army infantrymen, etc. You guys have been so much help providing this information about my knife.

Any and all help that you can give me would be very helpful.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

Plus water was tough on the late scabbards, they'd turn gray around the bottom and stitches. SKIP Tim- There were a lot of WW2 veterans still on active duty in the 60's, right up into the early 70's. We know the knife is pre-74, and having owned and carried one at that time, I believe the scabbard is late also.

So not every one agrees on the age but everyone agrees that it is military....correct?

As such, without clearer close up photos taken under natural light (preferably indirect and direct sunlight), I see no reason to discount the fact the knife was owned by a WWII vet.

It may have been manufactured before 1962 or between 19 as suggested by Gary. Gary, I am curious learn how you can ID the knife as being made after 1962. My old eyes cannot tell if the handle is 'oxblood' colored or not (or the color of the scabbard for that matter).

Gary makes some important points about how to refine the dating of your knife.

However, I cannot tell from the photographs presented whether the leather handle is 'oxblood' colored or black nor can I tell whether the leather of the scabbard is black or a really dark brown or a lighter brown/tan that is heavily soiled through use and age.Now we know that the knife is probably dated between 1962-1974, and it is military issue can anyone tell me what the value of this knife would be?

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