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24-Feb-2020 22:21

I tried dating a man who wasn't as smart as I was.

He was an absolute sweetheart, but I could tell we'd never make each other happy in the long-run.

It appears that you may have used language in your title that implies that you are only seeking responses from a specific majority demographic and could possibly discourage answers from parts of our user base. And then it comes out in him trying to 'assert' himself in other ways, like tearing me down or trying to one up me or accusing me of trying to make him feel bad, and it all goes downhill.

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It would bother me if he were less intelligent AND less educated AND unwilling or unable to learn... has to be smarter, someone has to be the breadwinner, someone has to be the skinnier one, you get the point.That during her second year at Cambridge University in the U.