Dating misconceptions

09-Aug-2020 21:46

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Making sweeping statements about everyone who identifies as bi is just incorrect. Just as straight people don’t date anyone of the opposite sex just because they’re the opposite sex neither do bisexual people. The only decision that a bisexual person needs to make is that they’re bisexual. No matter what kind of relationship a bisexual person is in, they will always be bisexual.Their relationship doesn’t dictate who they’re attracted to. Some people like tall people, some people like muscular people.It isn't a horrible responsibility, but people get confused by the fact that a black woman can date outside her race and still remain true to her family.The weight of the family struggles does get put on the woman because she is incredibly adaptable and strong.

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Black women are some of the strongest and most independent ones, and they aren't gaining anything other than a partner by dating outside their race.Please watch your footing as we step into the land of crooked double standards.