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Newcastle is the commercial hub of the Tyne and Wear metropolitan area and of northeastern England. Municipal, commercial, and retail functions are located within the area of the medieval town, between the Tyne and the Town Moor.

Outside the town walls, population increase since 1800 resulted in the growth of many middle-class suburbs—Gosforth and Jesmond in the north, Walker and Heaton in the east, Denton and Kenton in the west.

In 1400 King Henry IV created Newcastle upon Tyne as a county corporate (a town with the administrative status of a county).

In the following centuries Newcastle’s growth continued steadily.

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The best-preserved portions of the old town walls lie between Westgate Road and Gallowgate, close to the ruins of the medieval Black Friars’ priory.

Further education is also provided by the Municipal College of Technology, Rutherford College of Technology, and a college of education.