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07-Aug-2020 23:25

It might seem like a sure-fire passion-killer, but in a new study commissioned by eharmony, behavioural psychologists have named it one of the top five questions to ask on a first date. Because online dating provides the ideal environment for relationships to be cultivated – it’s safe, sheltered and free from external pressure.

Dr Eric Robinson and Dr Michelle Tornquist […] When the media first began reporting marriages between couples who had met online, it was deemed a newsworthy anomaly.

However, sometimes, that Continue reading Do you know that 1 divorce happen every second in America?

And, that almost 60% of second relationship also ends in a divorce?

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You see for most Continue reading What is Sexual Tension?

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Whether you consider him the answer to a fractured nation’s prayers or […] One of the scariest things about a new relationship can be figuring out when and where to say those three magic words. Despite stereotypes about the British being reserved, it seems we’re relatively forthcoming when it comes to declarations of love.

In fact, though most Brits […] According to a recent survey by The Grocer magazine, 8% of the UK population is now vegetarian, with a further 4% disdaining meat but eating fish.

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