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04-Mar-2020 05:35

Pakistani girls like to keep their cultural values, which is why they stay away from premarital relationships.

While many liberal girls in the city like to date, the majority of them refrain from keeping close relationships with a man.

They are not aware of their talents and capabilities, and they do not get sufficient time or permission to explore their personal skills. Many females choose not to be the breadwinner or explore their potential because, in a typical Pakistani household, the male can be the sole earner and have the freedom to establish himself professionally.

This stereotype is now diminishing in major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi.

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Families are now starting to allow their girls to select their life partners.

If they are caught, they can get into deep trouble.

The liberal girls who go on dates usually do it in a discreet manner.

It is also home to Jinnah International Airport, the busiest airport in the country.

It offers diversified cuisine, breathtaking views, and great hospitality.Some females do not even get the chance to complete their education and get married off at a young age.

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