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24-Jan-2020 07:57

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If they ask for money it's time to cut off conversation.

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But before you know it you've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, just like Laura Bockus."How could you do this to somebody, I mean seriously how could you sleep at night doing this to someone," she wondered.

Bockus said she was forced to put her Aurora home up for sale."The annuity's gone, my credits gone and I have to sell my house," Bockus said.

Never give any money to someone you met online and if in doubt, let your dating site’s support team know you’ve been asked for money and ask their opinion (this is one of the reasons why it pays to date on a reputable dating site with a good support team).

You can read the rest of the article about this latest scam victim here.

The Federal Trade commission has ranked Romance scams as number one when it comes total losses.

21,000 reports from people claiming they lost a total of 3 million.

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In the UK there is now a service called Action Fraud, which is a website and helpline where you can report any time of fraud (including online dating fraud) and get help and support.

A while back, I warned about a common online dating scam involving an Iraqi soldier.