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30-Nov-2019 20:58

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Enhanced photos, those in which a person has used makeup, hair styling, filters, or post-editing, were rated by both men and women as more being attractive.But while women also rated men in these photos as more trustworthy than in ordinary photos, the opposite was true of women: men rated women in enhanced photos as less trustworthy.

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Despite social norms and the availability of contraceptives, evolutionary theorists believe that innate, instinctual drives to reproduce still govern our behaviour (though others believe this to be too simplistic).

Overall, people did not know they could be attracted to these originally non-ideal people.

Online dating is successful for many individuals seeking love.

When completing a profile on an online dating site, people want to put their best face forward, but still accurately portray their true selves.

It becomes a battle between one’s ideal self and one’s actual self.

But that doesn’t stop many of us from leaping to the wrong conclusions about people.