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15-Jul-2020 12:55

While "Sex in the City" is cute and delightfully upbeat-- this is not the reality for most mature singles.

Their quest for a true connection is full of doubt, disappointments and is-that-all-there-is moments.

Of course, many will say they are simply trying out online dating as they are sooo busy-- they have been urged on by a friend, or just taking advantage of a free membership.

Some will say they are giving online dating one more chance.

If a sense of give and take is a big deal to you, then you will want to ask questions that would reveal this quality.

Discussing where your first meeting will take place, can be quite enlightening. If you enjoy a date that has a great fashion sense then you might want to explore if they own formal/stylish attire, or think of fashion as a superfluous indulgence.

Keep in mind, that the majority of mature online daters may not be looking for marriage but they are certainly seeking real intimacy. Too often we are looking for someone to read a script for us. breathe deeply...relax and let things unfold as they will. initial encounters are best served by an eastern mind set.

They seek someone who will see them beyond the limited context of their colleagues, neighborhood/church affiliations or the eyes of friends. A script we rehearsed in our hyper-romantic adolescence. It's not likely that you will be completing each others sentences by the third date. You will see flashes of connectivity then a few awkward moments might cast an ominous shadow. Don't be so goal-oriented that you come across like a "60 minutes" interview.

He/she has usually been in a satisfying long-term relationship or marriage and clearly is not looking for light fare.

The hope is that online dating will enable them to cast a wide enough net to make a quality catch.