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18-Oct-2020 05:01

The world of dating and relationships can be tough to navigate.And if you’re an Asian single looking to make a meaningful connection with another Asian person, then there’s a whole other set of rules and guidelines by which you need to abide.East Meet East is an Asian dating site that helps you meet Asians who are compatible with you since it is specifically targeted towards Asian urban singles who are looking for someone with a similar cultural background.With profile options that allow you to see everything from when that person arrived in the US to languages and dialects spoken, a quick search through the EME database will match you up with other like-minded Asian singles.While there may be some similarities or overlap, every country also has very culturally-specific values and traditions.For example, let’s say you’re meeting this person’s family. Do you introduce yourself or wait to be introduced?

Make a good first impression by familiarizing yourself with any manners and traditions specific to your partner’s home country. Are you looking for someone who is more traditional or liberal?(A “wai”, by the way, is the traditional Thai greeting where you press your palms together near your chest and bow your head.) You should also find out what values are most important to the person you’d like to date. Faith and religion are other things that you should discuss as you get to know each other. But don’t assume that you both had the same exact experiences.A Korean person who is also Christian will likely be looking for someone who has the same values. Find out about the other person’s background and history. Think about whether or not you would be willing to travel and commit to living in two different worlds.For many Asian cultures, the family is often involved in making decisions, big or small.

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If you do get to that stage in your relationship where you’re considering marriage, you’ll be in a much better position if you’ve been courting the family from the beginning.If you are not religious and would not consider converting, this might be an issue worth discussing. Chinese, born and raised in Shanghai (until you moved to Vancouver for university)? Did she grow up in the countryside or in a large city? How important is his birthplace and heritage and does it factor into his life on a daily basis? Many Asians in America will maintain a very strong connection to their home country (oftentimes even supporting their family back home) and look to create a similar close-knit community in the US, whether it is through a church group or another type of organization.

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