Dating telecaster neck

12-Aug-2020 00:43

Anybody check my numbers to see if I am over the edge? You have to be careful with those neck codes because Fender was inconsistent with them. more likely from the 39th week of 1975 ... An added wire was installed to get the tone for the middle pickup working for the bridge as well. The pickup wires are resoldered due to nonstock lace pickup being installed.So it looks like a stock 5 way from the remaining stock wire solder joint from the middle tone pot to the switch.This guitar has the worst fitting neck pocket I have seen on a fender strat. The action is super, the intonation perfect as Fender strats get and the neck is excellent to play on. The guitar weight is 8.4 pounds so not to heavy and made of three piece something with natural finish. (Stratocaster) Between 19 there were periods that this is not consistently done.Although a serial number is helpful for roughly determining the age of a guitar, this is often not the exact date.

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Back when it was made, no one cared to document these things too well because "vintage collecting" hadn't caught on. You are lucky in a way though, cause Fender started using the serial number system that they used up to recent times in about 1975. 09 03 3925The neck pocket had the same round stamps as the end back of the neck so looks like the body and neck were put together at the same time.

Their all in bins an employee grabs parts out of bins and assembles a guitar.

My idea has as much credence as any other, it's all fender voodoo stuff.

I checked ebay to see what the other 76 strats had and it seems to be hard to tell by that.

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No real info on a google seach other than the 5 way began in 77. I set it up with an active wammy system and it stays in tune with light to medium wammy work.

My strat indicates it is a 1976 via the serial on the headstock. The number on the end of the neck seems to indicate something else. It is a Torre made neck as indicated by his stamp on the back of the end of the neck.