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Until Magellan sailed around the globe and proved all this science wrong. Although it is written for casual reader, it still bears all the traits of scientific research.

Anyway, history as a science is based on books written by previous generation of historians, who based their works on works of previous generation of historians, supplemented by archeological digs (great deal of assumptions was made there too, as people didn't usually mark their belongings with dates), so it definitely needs some mathematical treatment.

First technologies: CSS, Html, Html5, Number of used javascripts: 8.It is very difficult to digest the new version of history from Fomenko without getting allergic shock.Official timeline is accepted in the same way as gravity, and movement of the sun; many nations have developed their identity based on official history. state: REGISTERED, DELEGATED, VERIFIED person: Private Person registrar: CENTRALREG-RU admin-contact: created: 20 paid-till: 20 free-date: 20 source: TCI Last updated on 20 MSK html tags for better content readability.

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The system was put on the top of the catalog, which remains the best in Russia, the rest was built around this. ISO codes FIFA codes IOC codes Domains countries Telephone country codes Car country code Car Russian codes Dial codes Russia Etymology of the names of countries.