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08-Oct-2020 03:50

Although the Kazakh government is working to change the script of the Kazakh language from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet and to somewhat defer the usage of this language, Russian is still the predominant language spoken by most Kazakhs.With that in mind, Russian skills are going to take you a long way in both Almaty, Astana and other Kazakh cities.Clean, orderly and for the most quite outside of the direct center, Baku is quite a pleasurable place to settle down for a bit, especially since the Azeri women are quite easy on the eye.Azeri women are friendly, and overall have a decent command of the English language when compared to other locations in the former Soviet Union.For someone who has never left the Western world, who then sets foot in Moscow during the spring and summer months will simply be blown away by the sheer amount of talent (and mini-skirts paired with high-heels) that will be on display all throughout this former powerhouse of the Soviet Union.

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Moscow makes our list simply for the sheer quantity of highly-attractive Russian women that it churns out.The FSU has done a great job in terms of keeping Azeri women very concerned about their appearance, and you can expect to see them wearing high-heels, make-up, hair done, strutting along Baku’s main avenue – Fountains Square.