Dating younger boy

16-Jan-2020 10:43

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If the relationship does not work out, you have a new sense of what you want from your next relationship Based in Pittsburgh, Nia Stanley began freelance writing in 2010, specializing in parenting, beauty and shopping.

She is a member of the Penn Writers writing group and has a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Warning, ladies: If your boyfriend's fixation on your exes stems from their own inability to let go of an ex, run.

On the rare occasion that I do go out, my boyfriend assumes I revert to my 18-year-old self.

Dating a younger man can provide a relationship that is just as positive as one with a man who is the same age or older. When dating a younger man, there will be a temptation to take care of him, more so than when the man is the same age or older.

Resist doing this, so you do not create a shift in the dynamics of the relationship.

I really don't understand why younger guys are fixated on who their girlfriends dated four years ago, or why they would even want to hear about them.

But there are moments when the age gap becomes obvious, and I can't help but wonder if the pros outweigh the cons.

Us being their girlfriends has nothing to do with making sure their shirts are ironed and their laundry gets done.

To be honest, I iron things with my hair straightener and only do laundry when I run out of underwear.

Having a good sense of self esteem will prevent you from seeking approval from your younger man.

When you already feel good about yourself, you will be less likely to be taken advantage of by a young man who is looking to advance financially at your expense.What makes my boyfriend think I will be better about his?

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