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RSV set a modern trend in literally rebuking "homosexuals".Several post World War 2 translations now have one to four verses literally rebuking homosexuals while replacing all mention of fornicators with "the immoral" or "sexual immoral" and leaving ambiguous homosexual or heterosexual immorality.

Why do so many kisses lie untouched on maiden lips, and no one wish to gain a profit from them?The latter verse () says: "And if a man also lies with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." In his fourth homily on Romans, John Chrysostom argued in the fourth century that homosexual acts are worse than murder and so degrading that they constitute a kind of punishment in itself, and that enjoyment of such acts actually makes them worse, "for suppose I were to see a person running naked, with his body all besmeared with mire, and yet not covering himself, but exulting in it, I should not rejoice with him, but should rather bewail that he did not even perceive that he was doing shamefully." He also said: "But nothing can there be more worthless than a man who has pandered himself.For not the soul only, but the body also of one who hath been so treated, is disgraced, and deserves to be driven out everywhere." The writings of the early church contain strong condemnations of same-sex acts.For genuine pleasure comes from following what is according to nature.

But when God abandons a person to his own devices, then everything is turned upside down." Cyprian wrote, "If you were able...

had existed among certain groups, with some degree of social acceptance in ancient Rome and ancient Greece (e.g.

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