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The existence of a Hoabinhian culture had first been proposed in the 1920's by Madeleine Colani, a French botanist turned paleontologist and then archeologist.She based the idea on excavations of several cave and rock-shelter sites in North Viet Nam, the first of which was found near the village of Hoa Binh.The other I call "Island Southeast Asia," an are from the Andaman Islands, south of Burma, around to Taiwan, including Indonesia and the Philippines.(See the double supplement, Asia and Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia, distributed with this issue.) Robert Heine-Geldern, an Austrian anthropologist, published in 1932 the traditional outline of Southeast Asian prehistory.Later, Heine-Geldern dealt with the coming of bronze to Southeast Asia.He theorized that the original source of the Southeast Asian Bronze Age was a migration from eastern Europe about 1000 B. The people in this migration, he believed, moved east and south, entering China during the Western Chou Dynasty (1122-771 B. They carried with them not only a knowledge of bronze working but also a new art form.

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Not one complete site report acceptable under present standards was published before the 1950's.Even the position of Western man and his place in the evolution of world culture may be drastically affected.

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