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Bands or chains must always be used to greatly reduce the deceleration phase.You can stand up for a long time with a weight at the top of the squat; however with a large bar load made up of mostly band tension, you are being pulled back down, causing a force exceeding gravity.Olympic coaches stay away from bands and chains because Because the baseball is heavier, the athletes will ultimately change the way he throws.The higher the complexity of skill, the less variation the lifter needs This is why Olympic lifters will have less variation in their programming and less utilization of special exercises.There are a few thoughts on accommodating resistance including some mistakes I made as a coach.I know there have been coaches that have toyed around with using bands or chains with cleans and snatches.

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I called Bud Chamiga in Michigan and asked for several of his books that were translated from Russian.

These books contained an abundance of science combined special strength training. They described methods of training and organization that I had never heard of before.