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RIVERS: Can we just -- you called me up and you said let's have dinner. Where the heck were the crews -- the camera crews then? Well, although, you know, Cher doesn't live in a house, she lives in a compound. GRIFFIN: Tell me about, did you ever have an uncomfortable run- in with a celebrity that you put in the act and how do you handle it? Kathy Bates got angry because I made a joke that if she had not been on the Titanic, in the movie, it would not have gone down. Those are two pretty good bars to be kicked out of, actually. RIVERS: I'm speaking to everybody, I think -- you especially.

GRIFFIN: All right, now, when we had dinner, at first you were telling me, in New York, you were saying oh, you didn't know what you wanted to do it. The only -- what I thought I was going to -- when I decided to slap you, I thought, oh my gosh, there goes that friendship. (LAUGHTER) RIVERS: But the next night we went to Cher's house and we made up.

Oh dear."It depends on the money, man," Johnston told and interviewer. Personally, I'd rather look at a woman naked, and I daresay the classical painters agreed with me.

The self-proclaimed redneck has become something of a heartthrob in the gay community, and accompanied Kathy Griffin to the recent Teen Choice Awards. PAUL, MN - SEPTEMBER 03: Bristol Palin (L) and her boyfriend Levi Johnston stand on stage during day three of the Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Xcel Energy Center on September 3, 2008 in St. Remember, there was no has a nice ring to it, dontcha think? Is there any celeb you'd want to take a peek at? Sign up for Glamour.com's Style Tips of the Week and Beauty Tip of the Day newsletters!

I mean just on and on and on about Cher and what a slut and tramp she was.

And I just did all these jokes art about her -- you know, she had an IUD with call waiting, this and that. RIVERS: ...people don't talk about you unless you're a big star. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Correct me if I'm wrong but most women don't go seeking out pictures of nude men. The only guy I ever really want to see in the buff is the guy I'm dating!