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Jolene’s talent soon became apparent as she quickly rose to the top ranks of Canadian women’s motocross.

Earning multiple Ontario Provincial Championships, a 9th place overall in the WMA (Women’s Motocross Association), earning her lifetime number 63.

Jolene is easily recognizable by her large smile, colorful personality and cheerfully positive outlook on life.

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I am a huge surrogacy advocate and creative entrepreneur. I know many of you are curious about my adventures in surrogacy and have many questions. For now I want to say what a blessing it is for me as a surrogate to be a part of something so amazing. When you get to see a couple become a family, it's a wonderful sight. With my first surrogacy I had a pretty good experience. But when she was born, I thought it would be, "Thank you very much, have a nice life.". It's been 3 1/2 years now and I still get e-mails, pictures, Christmas cards, etc. The mom actually said that every time she looks at her she thinks of me. (I only contributed my uterus) She thinks of me because she wouldn't have her without me. I had no idea that could feel so important, essential even. I'm so sad that I didn't get to see their dreams come true. But I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know such great people and to have shared such an intimate part of their lives. You enjoy the surrogacy, you move on with your life and then you get reminders of the miracle(s) you were a part of. Of the many things I am thankful for in my life, these two delicious boys are near (at) the top of my list. While I don’t think we have it all under control yet, things are slowly getting easier.

It felt like I was holding my friend's baby and I was so happy for her and her husband. I have been blessed to be God's helper and those blessings just keep coming.

I had worried that I might get depressed after she was born, but I felt so uplifted. I am grateful to these families for choosing me to be their surrogate and for treating me like an angel. I apologize, I can't really show the precious babies.

I swear I gained 10 pounds in the week I was in the hospital before they were born.

This was the day I checked into the hospital 32 weeks.

Jolene Joanna Van Vugt was born in London, Ontario Canada in 1980 to Dutch immigrant parents Bill and Tina.

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