Dot dating codes for motorcycle tires

14-Nov-2020 17:53

The last two digits refer to the year the tire was produced, and the first two digits identify the week number within that year.

The tire shown in Figure 1 was manufactured on the 36th week of the year 2001.

This partial code, boxed in yellow in Figure 1, is the most important piece of information about a tire.

These last four digits of the DOT code represent the manufacture date of the tire.

Expiration dates for tires manufactured before 2000 were based on a 10-year scale because the expected life-span of a tire was 10 years.

Current guidance suggests that tires should be expected to last a maximum of only six years. A tire manufactured-date code, shown in the yellow box, may appear on the outside of some tires.

The 11-character DOT code, shown in the red box, appears on the inside of tires.

Recently, some tire manufacturers have begun to stamp partial codes on the outside of tires (facing away from the vehicle) so that checking the date does not necessitate removing the wheel.

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The majority of people who take the gamble of keeping outdated tires do so to save money.A 67 load index means the tire has a 667 maximum load rating.The H speed index means the tire is rated at a maximum of 130 mph.That tire was on a trailer that had been sitting in a field unused for 10 years, and it showed signs of dry-rot cracking.

It is unclear whether trailer tires should be replaced every six years since they do not receive the same daily punishment as automobile tires.

Imagine cruising down the road on a beautiful spring afternoon or returning home after a long day at work when suddenly the back right tire of your vehicle explodes.

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