Elucidating the behavior of an enzyme

20-Dec-2019 21:15

Furthermore, associations of GSH-related gene polymorphisms with neurodevelopmental outcomes are also reported that are independent of association with Hg levels in biomarkers (Engstrom et al., 2016; Wahlberg et al., 2018), pointing to roles for toxicodynamic mediators of Me Hg toxicity.These variable findings have highlighted the need to discern fundamental toxicokinetic versus toxicodynamic mediators of Me Hg toxicity.First, we identify that the pupal stage is selectively sensitive to Me Hg toxicity.Using a protocol of larval feeding, measurements of Hg body burden, and assays of development to adulthood (pupal eclosion), we identify strain-dependent variation in Me Hg elimination as a potential kinetic determinant of differential tolerance to Me Hg.

elucidating the behavior of an enzyme-89

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For example, variants in genes encoding the catalytic and modifier subunits of glutamyl-cysteine ligase (GCLc and GCLm), the rate limiting enzyme for GSH synthesis, have been reported to associate with Hg body burden (Hg levels in blood or hair) in humans.

From a developmental toxicology perspective, its holometabolous life cycle offers a unique opportunity to assay toxicant efficacy at four distinct life stages, embryo, larva, pupa, and adult, and subsequently monitor a variety of endpoints, such as egg laying, embryo hatching, larval growth and locomotion, pupa formation and eclosion, adult lethality, longevity, as well as several complex behaviors (Figure 1A).

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