Forefront virus definitions not updating

12-Nov-2019 01:03

To all the Configuration Manager admins, its important to know that what you must do next ? In addition to Configuration Manager 2007, Microsoft plans to discontinue definition, engine, and platform updates for FEP 2010 once the end of support is reached. Every Microsoft product has got it’s life cycle, during which the product is actively developed and supported.

The below screenshot shows the Configuration Manager timeline.

When you read “end of support”, it doesn’t mean that your SCCM 2007 stops working when it reaches that date.

We do this by integration with the software updates component of Config Mgr.

The Create Automatic Deployment Rule Wizard starts.

Enter a Name for the rule and then choose a collection (I have used my test collection).

Leave the default "Add to an existing Software Update Group".If you encounter something like the error code Forefront Endpoint Protection cannot get Definition updates from Microsoft Update unless you check this box “Give me updates for other Microsoft Products when I update Windows”: If SCCM 2012 show this Antimalware Policy configuration, the “Updates distributed from Microsoft Update” will not work until you have checked the box.