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Kaye1 OUTGROW OUTPLAY CONSIGNMENT @outgrowoutplay SILVER FOR THE NEPEAN KNIGHTS LACROSSE TEAM and Instagram: @nepeanlax JASMIN AT THE CAPITAL FAIR @The Capital Fair WHY WE MAKE BAD POLITICAL DECISIONS David Moscrop, author/columnist @David_Moscrop LIGHT UP THE NIGHT FOR BRUYERE Twitter: @bruyerecare WATCHING THE BLIND SPOTS @Ottawa Police BACK TO SCHOOL WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK Natalie Sexton, fashion expert : @Natalie_Sexton_ BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH LESSONS Alexes Papadopoli, Loblaws dietitian DRAG QUEEN AND KING STORY TIME Peechez and Cyril Cinder @opl_bpo LOOKING FOR PARTS TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR KIDS and Instagram: @CS_exchange JASMIN AT BAD BOY KINGSTON and Instagram: @lastmansbadboy BIG DIG AT LAC LEAMY Twitter: @NCC_CCN BUZZING AT THE AGRICULTURE MUSEUM Twitter: @Ag Museum BACK TO SCHOOL – STUDENTS AND TRAVEL Caleigh Alleyne, Creators Commune and Instagram: @caleighalleyne BYWARD MARKET BUZZ – ART CUBE MAKEOVER @By Ward Market BIA BIG 50/50 JACKPOT AT THE REDBLACKS GAME @REDBLACKS, @Foundation OSEG FALL HOME DÉCOR @CAANEO Instagram: @bouclair CHECK YOUR MICROCHIP @Ottawa Humane JASMIN AT A TASTE OF MANOTICK Twitter: @Manotick Village Istagram: @manotickbia PINPOINTING CANNABIS SHOPTS IN CANADA Dr.

Daniel Myran ca BACK TO SCHOOL - FROM KIDS AND FOR KIDS Maureen and Alia Dennis Twitter: @weewelcome THE AMAZING RACE CANADA Amazing Race Canada Twitter: @Amazing Race CDA REDBLACKS CHEER ALUMNI GAME @REDBLACKS Instagram: @cflredblacks UNITING THROUGH MEDITATION Instagram: @OUTGROW OUTPLAY CONSIGNMENT @outgrowoutplay JASMIN AT THE HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RESTORE Twitter: @Habitat GO MORTGAGE MINUTE – USING A BROKER Frank Napolitano, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa @MBOttawa Frank GREEN RIDE FOR GREEN JOBS CREDIT CARDS Luke Sheehan Twitter: @ratehub BACK-TO-SCHOOL PEACE OF MIND Carly Dorogi and Sherri French, Capital M and Instagram: @capitalmmoms BRAIDED BONES FOR DOGS A TASTE OF MANOTICK Twitter: @Manotick Village Istagram: @manotickbia PETRIE SUMMER SMASH @petriessmash MORNING JAM WITH ERJA LYYTINEN @erjalyytinen JASMIN ON THE DIAMOND: U21 WOMEN’S NATIONAL TOURNAMENT


Melissa Twitter and Instagram: @Melissa Lamb TV SAVING YOUR SUMMER PHOTOS Bethany Barrette, Grey Loft Studio Instagram: @greyloftstudio MORNING JAM WITH GENEVIEVE RACETTE @Geracette FACES OF MENTAL ILLNESS @CAMIMH_ACMMSM CALMING BACK-TO-SCHOOL NERVES @Crossroad Centre BACK TO SCHOOL AT THE FOOD BANK @Ottawa Food Bank THE RIDE @Do The Ride Instagram: @ottawahospital LITTERLESS SCHOOL LUNCH PACKAGES FOR STUDENTS Rachel Naud, INBETWEEN Magazine @inbetweenzine BYWARD MARKET BUZZ – CUSTOM STATIONARY @By Ward Market BIA BUYING YOUR FIRST VEHICLE Dustin Woods @auto TRADER_ca WORK OUT IN A DORM ROOM Sarah Zahab, Continuum Fitness @continuumfit BACK TO SCHOOL AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY @ottawahumane JASMIN AT PIERRE SAVARD HIGH pierre-savard.STAYING SAVE AT SCHOOL Bailey Reid, Carleton University Sexual Assault Support Coordinator @Baileymariereid SHOPIFY WELCOME BACK PROGRAM @Shopify THE AMAZING RACE CANADA Amazing Race Canada Twitter: @Amazing Race CDA BACK TO SCHOOL ETIQUETTE Julie Blais Comeau @Etiquette Julie FIND CALM IN THE STORM OF LIFE The Peace Room THE EXPERTS – COLLEEN LYLE REAL ESTATE IN THE KITCHEN WITH KOREY KEALEY @Foodthought THE ART OF THE CAMPAIGN SLOGAN Barry Mc Loughlin, media and leadership consultant @mclomedia MORTGAGE MINUTE – FIRST-TIME HOME BUYING @MBOttawa Frank SENS FAN FEST @Senators TECH FOR EVERY KID Winston Sih and Instagram: @Winston Sih BACK TO SCHOOL SLEEP ROUTINE @The Happy Sleep Co GETTING YOUR HEART RACING IN OTTAWA Candace Sampson, Life In Pleasantville @lifeinpleasantville BACK TO SCHOOL MADE EASY Pay Chen and Instagram: @Pay Chen BACK TO UNIVERSITY Christian Dare @christiandare Instagram: @christian_dare FORE-PLAY GOLF TOURNAMENT DEMENTIA AND THE ARTS @The Dementia Soc JASMIN MAKES SUMMER MEMORIES WITH THE MOM IN THE KNOW ca Twitter:@ Mom In The Know BUILDING A RESUME AT SCHOOL Sari Cantor, Recruiting in Motion @sari_cantor, @Recruit_motion BACK TO SCHOOL IN THE BEST FRAME OF MIND Lucas Walters org Twitter: @jackdotorg EATING HEALTHY AT HOME Josee Sovinsky, Dietitian and Instagram: @joseesovinskyrd SMASH-IT FOR CANCER RESEARCH and Instragram: @smash_it_ottawa BACK TO SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES Veronica Walley and Karen Wetendorf, and Instagram: @chiquicuts TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF LILITH FAIR Bif Naked @bifnaked BEAUTY BY THE DECADES Chantel Guertin @Chantel Guertin HOPES RISING CAMPAIGN @QCHFoundation JASMIN IN GATINEAU PARK Twitter: @NCC_Gat Park PARTY SAFE AT SCHOOLS AND FESTIVALS @Ottawa Health SLEEPING WELL AT UNIVERSITY Andrew Holmes, Sleep Efficiency @Sleep Efficiency FINAL WEEKEND OF CAPITAL PRIDE @Ott Capital Pride WARDROBE ESSENTIALS FOR FALL Liv Judd Soye @Liv Judd LOYALTY POINTS Barry Choi @barrychoi JASMIN AT OTTAWA GREEKFEST @Ottawa Greekfest THE CSE AND ESCAPE MANOR @Escape Manor COUNTDOWN TO THE ARMY RUN @Canada Army Run BACK TO SCHOOL ZERO-WASTE LUNCH Kas Mac Millan, Terra 20 @exploreterra20 BACK TO SCHOOL ON A BUDGET Laurie Rand, Value Village @Value Village Can OVERNIGHT IN THE CASTLE @Museumof Nature BACK TO SCHOOL SANITY SAVERS Afiya Francisco @Afiya Francisco TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY @Ottawa Humane JASMIN AT TOOLFEST @prestonhardware COUNTDOWN TO TIFF net Twitter: @TIFF_NET SENS HOMETOWN TOUR @Senators BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES Carolyn Arnotte, Staples @Staples Canada FARMERS MARKET TO YOUR DOOR @farmtohand BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFAST AND HEALTHY LUNCHES FOR ADULTS Josh Drache and Liam Fulcher, Farm Boy chefs @Farm Boy BALL HOCKEY SUPPORTING KIDS ballhockey.Twitter: @Their_Opp BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING TIPS Gary Rusyn, Credit Counselling Society @Crdt Counsel Soc BACK TO SCHOOL WITH AMAZON CLEARING THE HAZE ON DRUG-IMPAIRED DRIVING @Ottawa Police BARU BUTTER @organictraditions DIY DORM ROOM Taylor Kaye @Taylor_Kaye Instagram: @Taylor.

fd=champ&pg=home&evt=21uwomen Twitter: @baseballcanada COOL SLEEP ON A HOT NIGHT Erin Junker, The Happy Sleep Company @The Happy Sleep Co BYWARD MARKET BUZZ – ICE CREAM!

@By Ward Market BIA HOT TECH FOR YOUR BACKYARD PARTY Stephen Froom, Best Buy @Best Buy Canada OTTAWA GREEKFEST @Ottawa Greek Fest COTTAGE BOARD GAMES Mike Hopkins, The Loft Board Game Lounge @The Loft Ottawa JASMIN AT BILLINGS ESTATE THE FIGHT OVER THE CHATEAU LAURIER Leslie Maitland, Heritage Ottawa Twitter: @Heritage Ottawa IS ,000 BURIED IN YOUR BACKYARD?

The models are predominantly female, however, there are also a fairly large number of male models and couple performers.Showit gives you complete control of your blog design and layout Powered by WPEngine, the highest-rated Word Press host on Earth Quite possibly the friendliest support team in the universe. Free blog migration With Showit 5, you can create a completely custom website design without ever looking at a line of code. I chose to start with a With Grace & Gold free template to get my bearings in the design interface, but my site has since completely morphed into its own unique look. It’s more important than ever that websites are mobile friendly.There are now more mobile searches than desktop searches.Jasmine also loves to promote ‘mindful eating’ through creating and sharing plant-based recipes, swimming at the local pool, and enjoying life with her fiancé.

This class focuses on core asanas/postures and the foundations of breath-work.Yoga & Breakfast is a series of events that combine the bliss of a yoga class with a healthy breakfast prepared with lots of love.

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