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But, like any other MMO out there, there comes a point where you are not always out grinding for XP, you just socialize or find weird ways to have fun. ” I even had one guy come up to me and tell me that he was gay and that I was his new hero. There were a couple of guys that were none too happy with me expressing my virtual homosexuality to the world. Basically they were not thrilled that my horse and I were here or queer and they certainly were not going to get used to it anytime soon. We did this over and over, and I may have even questioned his sexuality based on the intensity of his reaction to me and my horse. I guess gay bashing becomes tiring when your victim keeps resurrecting and spreading gayness all around you.

In Ultima Online, when you just sat around and talked to other players, the activity was called “bank sitting” as the bank was where all players came and went at one point or another. You could see all sorts of interesting things at the bank. I’m just a straight guy who thought, “How funny will this be to have a gay pride parade in a medieval/fantasy game? Finally one of them told me to go to the cemetery just outside of town. It was one of the most fun times I have ever had in any MMO.

Mobile features make it even simpler and more discreet, so your level of openness is completely up to you.

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FIND A MATCH NEARBY OR WHERE YOU WANT TO BEPinnacle Perry I met my amazing husband on Active Duty Dating while he was overseas.The anticipation of seeing him in person was killing me, but it was so worth it.Finding him on the site wasn't just easy, it was fun and it was such a great stat to our relationship.It's a completely unprecedented time in the world of the gay service member.

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Now, you can serve openly, and show your pride in both yourself and your country.

Finally if there was any question about his sexuality, I made him a fencer. We get to the graveyard, and this guy almost immediately starts to attack me. That’s when I realize that since I am a ghost I can have my horse follow this guy where ever he goes.

This makes it difficult to know anything at all about your military man. In order to build a more intimate relationship, you must become part of his unit, break through the walls he’s built around him, and earn his trust.… continue reading »

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