Gemini dating scorpio

15-Jun-2020 21:30

Gemini’s ardour is cooler and more aloof, but susceptible to flattery, and having a sultry Scorpio lusting after you is flattering indeed.

In the bedroom, Scorpio and Gemini compatibility is exciting and adventurous, although if the relationship is not well established, nervy Gemini can be slightly intimidated by Scorpio’s darker, more kinky side. Power struggles are unavoidable with Scorpio, and Gemini compatibility depends upon having a good argument now and then, so this couple will frequently let rip at one another.

A potent and valuable combination indeed, and something many Gemini/Scorpio compatibility partners will find to be worth fighting for.

People born between May 22 and June 21 are known for their “split personality”.

Life is one big adventure for them so they need to be out and about to be at their best.

In love, Geminis fall for people who are extremely witty and humorous.

In return, Scorpio shows flighty Gemini the value of determination, staying power and depth.

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With Scorpio and Gemini compatibility, we see the more tumultuous side of an water/air sign partnership.

The other major issue for these two to face is jealousy.

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