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Smith editor [Oxford University Press: New York] 2004, volume 2 (p.180) [1874] MELLIN'S FOOD/United Kingdom "The exhibits of Mellin's food in the Mechanics and Instituted exhibitions now in progress have attracted the attention of thousands of visitors, and the people are beginning to examine and discuss the suggestive topic which the displays suggest.The first mass-produced baby foods were invented by scientists/nutrition experts and manufactured in the mid-19th century by innovative companies.These were infant formulas, substitutes for mother's milk.RECOMMENDED READING:"Infant and Child Nutition," Cambridge World History of Food, Kiple & Ornelas, Volume Two, section VI.7 (p.1444-1453) ---traces the history of infant feeding from prehistory to present; includes extensive bibliography for further study A SHORT SURVEY OF MANUFACTURED BABY FOODS THROUGH TIME [1867] LIEBIG'S SOLUBLE FOOD FOR BABIES/LONDON "Perhaps not surprisingly, a major step in capitalization on the new advances in chemistry by marketing proprietary infant foods came from the scientist who laid the foundations of the New Newtrition, Baron Justus von Liebig.Babies in Ancient Egypt thrived on different foods from those in Medieval England, Jomon Japan, 18th century Russia and early 20th century Kenya.Up until the middle of the 19th century [in industrialized nations] infant food was generally made at home.

Thus, in 1867 the Baron introduced Liebig's Soluble Food for Babies in the European market.Some contained dried milk and called only for the addition of water.